09 Mar 2023


9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Pilgrims

The Pilgrim’s were formed by four friends in the summer of 2022. It was a natural formation of a group of talented musicians who had been playing together for years. The band includes Judy (fiddle, singer) and Abbey Murphy (concertina, pianist); sisters who have been steeped in the tradition of Irish music from a very young age, Josep; a singer, accompanist and multi-instrumentalist and Rodhrai Crowley; a well-accomplished folk-singer and mandolin player.

The group brings a young vibrant energy to the traditional tunes. They play energetic polkas and slides, complicated reels and jigs and have harmonious arrangements of slower tunes. They have a high quality repertoire which will keep you engaged while the music takes you away. They sing a mixture of original songs and folk songs, and the harmonies between female and male voices are unique and gripping.

The Pilgrim’s have played gigs in venues such as Kitty O’Sheas, The Armada, The Tap Tavern, Myo Cafe and Prim’s Bookshop. Their powerful sound can liven a pub and their admirable arrangements call attention.

From their moving songs to their lively and fresh traditional tunes, the Pilgrim’s create a powerful musical experience not to be missed.