22 Jun 2023


9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Kate Dineen

Kate Dineen grew up in Kerry, a small rural village on the south-western coast, and now resides in Dublin. Kate was surrounded by music from a young age and would often sit in the back seat of her family’s car and read her father’s CD insert sleeves front to back so that she could memorize the lyrics. Her musical journey started when she was about 5 year’s old, learning the traditional tin-whistle in primary school. Soon after, Kate began taking piano lessons but felt constricted by the classical music regime. At age 14 Kate gave up piano for guitar and started learning her favorite songs, which she cites as a freeing experience. Then, at 16, as a shy teenager, she decided to challenge herself and sign up for vocal lessons. Kate immediately felt connected to the voice as an instrument that she could control. Kate Dineen’s music paints a vivid scene in the listener’s mind which is uplifted by her gentle personality and lilting voice.